Therms & Conditions


It is here stated and cleared that is owned and managed by ARBEK TRAVEL - FB Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti thus any reference on this text in any of the two names has equal value and meaning.
Please read carefully the following terms and conditions that apply when using the current web application. By using web sites (eg. , , etc) you automatically fully and unconditionally accept all of the following terms:
Intaplan Ltd through makes available for the Internet user data and services that are offered from collaborating parties. All of these services - products are entitled and covered by the terms and conditions that are here stated.
By accessing , your access instantly indicates that you fully and unconditionally agree with the terms and conditions that apply. Intaplan Ltd acting as the owner and manager body of, retains its right to adjust and change the terms and conditions at any time if so decides . The usage of will be always on the basis that the more recent terms and conditions displayed on line (this text) are fully accepted.
Additionally, each service that becomes available as a result of using the current web page is entitled and covered with the terms and conditions of each collaborating party that the service relates to. (Taxi firm, travel agency, Limousine service, Driver, etc) In case of any disagreement or in case that any of these terms fail to fully satisfy you (as a web user in any way), your authorization to use this web site or any service as a result of using it, automatically ends.
Intaplan Ltd and as responsibility in respect to any service or travel product being distributed can only be as high as the route price that the user has paid for. as responsibility doesntand cannot in any way exceed the amount of the route payment. In the unlikely event - case that the service is not delivered at all or is not delivered as expected, (delays, etc) the client can only be entitled to compensation up to the amount that has already paid. No other claims can in any case be raised and that is fully and unconditionally understood and accepted.
Regarding all insurance matters in respect of the here distributed services (eg. travelling of any vehicle) is clearly stated and accepted that since Intaplan Ltd collaborates only with vehicles for which insurance coverage is a law obligation, the responsibility lies on the vehicle and on the vehicle ownership.
The contracting company ensures confidential handling of all customer data received.
Upon completion of the reservation you will receive two emails
1) confirmation and
2) receipt of payment
1-For amendments up to 20 days prior your arrival, there will be a GBP 5 fee.
2-In the event of cancellation up to 20 days prior your arrival, there will be a GBP 7 fee.
3-In the event of amending or canceling from 20 to 10 days prior your arrival, there will be a GBP 8.5 fee.
4-In the event of amending your booking from 9 days till your arrival date, the fee will be either 30% of the booking coast or GBP 10 (as minimum charge)
5- In the event of canceling your booking from 9 days till 48 hours prior your arrival, the fee will be either 30% of the booking coast or GBP 12 (as minimum charge)
6-In the event of canceling during the last 48 hours prior your arrival, there will be no refund.
7-In the event that as soon as the client arrives a need for extra vehicle arises (eg excessive baggage that can not be accommodated in the vehicle, number of passengers more than the vehicle/s can accommodate, etc)there will be supplementary charge for the extra vehicle used. (In amendment cases to longer and expensive routes, the difference is, off course, added to the initial cost estimate)
8-It is your responsibility to supply the correct flight information.We must be advised of any amendments to flight details and these will be confirmed by us.
9-There is no fee for onilne bookings made on our website, we only have 2 Gbp administration fee on top of the transfer cost for telephone and office visit bookings, per booking.
10-Antalya Airport to Fethiye , Marmaris, Icmeler areas shuttles are run only for a limited time period when there is basicly no direct flights to Dalaman Airport from the United Kingdom, but as it is a long-haul transfer the waiting time at the airport on arrival may be longer than 1 hour because of the other combined flights as we need to meed the necessary numbers to be able to run this transfer, The bus would first drop off Fethiye areas then carry onto Marmaris & Icmeler. If we have the insufficent numbers to be able to run the Antalya Airport to Fethiye, Marmaris, Icmeler shuttle we keep the right to cancell the bus but in this case, you would be notified by an email about the cancellation 4 days prior to the transfer date. Incase of any bus transfer cancelled by us, you would be given full refund , If paid by card at the time of the booking.
We have no responsibility for any incorrect details given and amendments that have not been confirmed by us. If you do not fully and unconditionally accept all of the here underwritten terms, you are not authorized to use the services or the current web site for any reason.